Omoni Oboli’s Husband Beat Her During “Dance Competition” In Hilarious Throwback Video

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A throwback video has shown the hilarious moment Omoni Oboli’s husband beat her during a “dance competition” in their home.
Omoni and her husband, Nnamdi dance together
Omoni Oboli has released a throwback video showing herself and her husband dancing together in their home.
The actress cum producer shared the video on her Instagram page and the footage has gotten her fans talking about them.
In the video, Omoni and her husband are seen dancing together. At first, she was the one doing the moving and showing off her skills while her husband took it easy.
However, the man soon took charge and “won” the dance battle.
As her husband danced, Omoni is seen cheering and encouraging him to dance some more.
Watch the video below:

Omoni Oboli is always been a woman who is very fond of her husband. The woman has often taken time to show him off on social media an this is one of such moves to show the world just how connected she is with him.

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