Horror: Man Scares Road Users With A Cobra In Broad Daylight Inside Lagos Traffic (Video)

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A man has been caught on camera giving people a fright with a cobra inside Lagos traffic in broad daylight.
The man scared people in Lagos traffic
A video has emerged showing the moment a man frightened some people with a cobra in Lagos traffic.
The man is seen holding up the cobra in his hand in broad daylight as he moved between cars stuck in the traffic. Other spectators who were not in vehicles are seen trying to run away from the man any time he moves towards where they stood.
At one point, the man even shoved the snake’s head through the window of a bus before swiftly moving away to another part of the road.
The incident reportedly happened yesterday in Yaba, Lagos. It is not clear what the man’s intention was.
Many social media users have condemned the unidentified man’s actions, asking that he be arrested for causing public disturbance.
Watch the video below:

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