Chinese Man Calls Kenyan A Monkey In His Country Guess What Happened Next (Photos)

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All hell broke loose after a Chinese man decided to insult a Kenyan man in his own country by calling him a monkey. It was gathered that the Chinese called the man a ‘Nugu’ which means monkey in Kenya (despite his big size) after a quarrel at the supermarket.
Clearly, the Kenyan man who was not having it, decided to show the foreigner ‘how monkeys behave in their country’. In a trending video posted online, the Kenyan man can bee seen dragging the Chinese after the insult before giving him a resounding slap which nearly got him off his balance.
Other Kenyans at the supermarket had to intervene and restrain their compatriot before fully unleashing his anger on the Chinese man.
The video was recorded by another shopper who couldn’t contain her shock at the sound of the slap.
Watch Below:

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