Arsenal manager finally discloses what he has been telling Iwobi this term which has made him a better player

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Arsenal manager Unai Emery believes his advice to Super Eagles forward Alex Iwobi is largely responsible in turning his game around this season.
In an interview with the club’s official website on Friday, October 26, the Spaniard revealed he urged the Nigerian international to keep playing his game without fear of making mistakes.
“We can’t just stop at one mistake, “ said the head coach.


“The mistake is to learn and to attempt another action.
“The confidence is giving them the possibility to do the things well and also, when they make a mistake, it makes them want to do better on the next attempt.
“I think my idea with the players is to give them confidence every day by working hard in every session, in the video analysis, with the videos we give them. We give them the opportunity to watch their action first, their good actions, their bad actions, and this is the way for them to take a lot of confidence or learn how to improve.
“They think, ‘How can I improve?’
 or ‘How can I do better in a different situation within the game?’
“I think for [Alex] and for our other players, we need to work on things every day,” Emery submitted.

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